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Hello and welcome to my Dreamwidth. I'm Guia, and before you think about adding me or anything, take note of the following:

Friends locked

All my entries are locked and can only be viewed to users in my access list. Some entries are viewable only to custom groups.

Subscriptions and mutual access

You are more than free to add me if:
☆ I know you or I have added you.
☆ We share common interests.
☆ You do not mind seeing any possible material that could be above PG13 material.
(I tend to swear a lot and may even discuss NSFW or other sensitive topics, as I am an adult.)
☆ You are not a stalker.
If you wish to be added back, please add my journal first. It's a bit cheeky asking to be friended but not adding me back. Remove me, I'll remove you back. No hard feelings and nothing personal either.

Comment and to be added

As it says, comment to be added. It'd be nice if you introduce yourself and tell me how you found out about me if you found me online somewhere... lurking around. I'll add you back, if ever.

Privacy and copyrights

Once I give you mutual access to my Dreamwidth, whatever private entry you read here, keep it in between you and me.

That is all and thank you for reading.

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